All-inclusive travel arrangements

The meeting place will be at Medway Marina, Rochester. There is a secure car park in the services and it will cost £20 for the week to park there. Please pay the driver on arrival.

The plan is to meet here at 4 am and jump on the minibus which leaves at 5 am at the latest. You will then drive to Portsmouth and board your ferry which takes approximately 6hrs to arrive in Caen. Here you will meet your bailiff who will take you to the lake which will take about an hour.

The following Saturday you will leave the lake at around 2 pm and arrive back in England at around 9.30pm

If you are on an All-inclusive holiday you will be limited to the amount you can take on the minibus, which is as follows:
  • One rod bag
  • One rucksack or equivalent for your tackle (make sure you have your reels and rod pods or equivalent and your weighing scales).
  • One sleeping bag
  • One bag of clothes
Please keep to the list as there is only a limited amount of space in the minibus. Due to this we supply the following onsite for your use:
  • Fox Bivvies’
  • Nash Indulgence wide boy Bed chairs
  • Nash Unhooking mats
  • Fox Landing nets
  • Fox Weighing tripods
  • Nash Weighing slings
  • JRC Day chairs

If you are making your own way

There are a few route options to consider, the main ones are:

Get to Calais either by ferry ( e.g. Sea France or P & O) or the Eurotunnel, then follow the directions on the AA route planner provided. When you travel on this route you will need approximately 40 euros in small euro notes for tolls and the journey will take about 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Get a ferry with Brittany Ferries to either Caen or Cherbourg and then follow the directions on the AA route planner provided. From Caen it will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes and from Cherbourg it will take about 30 minutes.

We suggest to use the AA route finder for directions.