The Lake

Our beautiful freshwater lake is lined with trees, many of them over-hanging the water, and is fed by both an ancient trout river and an underground spring. Fishing on many larger carp lakes in France mean that you have to chase the fish for days with very little success.Our lake which is just under 2acres, is packed with large healthy specimens, meaning great results are virtually guaranteed. Our fish now weigh up to 107lb.

The lake has recently been de-silted and contains no crayfish or poison chat, both common in French waters, so netting of bait is not necessary. The lake is completely private, peaceful and secure and teems with birds and wildlife.

The Lake’s Features

For great carp fishing holidays, much work has been done to the lake to improve the fishing here at Carp Invasion: Gravel bars and egg features have been created using 500 tonnes of gravel. Deep holes, reed beds and lily patches also ensure every swim provides great carp fishing.

The water depth varies from 2 foot to 14 foot with deep margins all around the lake, so just when you think the fight is over, you have to think again as the fish try to dive down for cover. There are four swims on the lake, so we recommend four anglers to fish the lake at one time. Each swim has plenty of room for your setup.