Frequently Asked Questions

“How many can fish the lake at any one time?”

Four is the maximum amount of anglers allowed to fish the lake at any one time, with a maximum of three rods per angler.

“How many swims are there on the lake?”

Fours swims in total, three singles and one double.

“Are there shower facilities for drive and survive?”

Yes there is a shower, toilet and wash basin available for tthe drive and survive package.

“Are there any tackle shops close to the lake?”

There is a tackle shop 5 minutes away in the local town and we also have a full range of end tackle plus other bits for sale in the tackle shed.

“Can I bring my campervan and do you have electric?”

Yes campervans are welcome. Electric has been run to every swim and can be provided for an additional fee.

“What features are there to cast to?”

Every swim has the option of margins and open water. Numerous features can be found on the predominantly clay lake bed including gravel eggs and bars. Depths range from 2 – 14 feet. There are lilly patches, reeds and overhanging trees all around the lake.

“How many bedrooms does the bungalow have?”

There are three bedrooms in the bungalow. One bedroom has a double bed and the other two rooms both have two single beds each, giving a total of four single beds and one double.

“Can we use bait boats?”

Bait boats are permitted and are also available for hire.